Activities Kuntaur

Wassu stone circles
From Kairoh Garden Kuntaur it is a 40 minute walk to the stone circles in Wassu.

Baboon Islands
Make the famous 2,5 hour boat trip to Baboon Islands in Gambia Nature Reserve Park. This give you a fabulous possibility for spotting chimpanzees, crocodiles, hippo’s, monkeys, lizards en different species of birds and vegetation. Take the boat when the water level is low, than you have the best change to see the animals.

Donkey car trip
Together with our guide you can discover the surrounding villages by a easygoing donkey car, the traditional way of transportation in this area.

Lumo in Wassu
Visit the colorful lumo: the weekly market on Monday when traders from Gambia, Senegal, Guinee and Mali sell their goods.

Bird watching
Together with our guide you can make walks in the surrounding to look for different species of birds.

It is possible to join a local fisherman for a fishing trip on the river.

Rice field walking
Together with a guide you can make a walk through the rice fields of Kuntaur area.

Baobab forest tour
When you cross the river you can make a guided walk from 2-3 hours to see pigs, monkeys and many different birds.

Traditional villages
By bicycle or car you can discover some surrounding villages like Jakaba, Palang, Bakadagi, Touba and Fulakunda.

Nature Reserve
There are different nature reserves in the Kuntaur area, like Manjumba and Kayabadi.  We can organize a guided tour for you to one of this nature reserves.

Stone circle tour
Next to the stonecircles near Wassu, there are more stone circles in the area, like in Bagadagi and Sanguley. We can make a whole daytrip by car to visit them all.

Meet the Gambia
We can organize a day when you are the guest of a Gambian. It is a very special way to have an inside look in the Gambian society.

Slave house in Janjanbureh (Georgetown)
From Kuntaur it is a 20 minutes car drive to the river crossing to Janjanbureh. It is also possible to go by bush taxi. On this island you can find the rests of a slave house from the 18th century.

Special interests
When you are interested in the African way of life, religion, tradition and culture, we can organize special programs or activities for you. For example:

  • Music: we can invite musicians and/or dancers for an exiting performance or we can organize a lesson for you.
  • Food: you can help to prepare an African dish, including the shopping at the market.
  • Muslim life in The Gambia: visit Arabic schools, a mosque and meet the Imam and/or the Alkalo (the chief of the village).
  • Income generating for women groups (kafo): like soap processing and batik making
  • Health: you can visit a health centre, hospital, and have also information about traditional healthcare.
  • Education: you can visit different types of schools in the area.
  • Agriculture: you can have more information about the rice fields and rice processing in this area. Also it is possible to visit a community garden.
  • Sport: if you like you can see a football match or when you have energy you also can join one.


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