Barbara Somers

All her life Barbara is interested in other cultures and has travelled widely. With the Garden Kairoh she will give people the opportunity to be closely connected with the African life. From own experience she knows that a short or long period of living and working in another environment give many new inspriration and energy. She combines her work as a personnel and organizational consultant in her own company in The Netherlands with a parttime in Africa.

Kawsu Sillah

Before Kawsu starts to build Kairoh Garden in 1999, he worked seven years in the Casamance (southern Senegal) to help to set up a campement. He loves to connect visitors with the African way of life. Kawsu would really like to do something concrete for African children who son’t ┬áhave no parents who can take care for them. With The Garden Kairoh he wants to make this possible.

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