Kairoh Garden Foundation

Some of our guests like to start a project in The Gambia. Often they ask us to organize or to monitor that and control the finances. We like to do that for the projects we undersign. Always we make a selection: when the project supports realistic independence, we do. When it is only to keep the people depended, we don’t. Often we see that a project gives the sponsor a good feeling but it is not supporting the development of The Gambia.  Our motto is: no charity but humanity, no aid,but trade.
Next to that we are often active as a volunteer and sponsor. Because it is our main purpose to earn money to give support to education of children who don’t have parent who can do that.
To give this work a good fundament, and to make the financial side transparent, we founded in March 2011 the Kairoh Garden Foundation. It is registrated in Gambia as a community based organization (registration nr 177/2011).

The Foundation intend:

  • to improve and support positive development in the Gambia
  • to create more opportunities for education for youth who don’t have enough support from their families, to improve the life circumstances and health from this youth and their families
  • to give (financial) support for education to children in the age of 7-27 years
  • to facilitate development in education- and training- institutes and organizations


The activities of Kairoh Garden Foundation:

  • Partner and executive Gambian board of  Yiriwaa Foundation Gambia. This is a Dutch foundation who gives support to good education for the children in The Gambia.
  • To organize, monitor and the financial care of projects which are initiated by different persons and organizations
  • To give advices to persons, institutions and organizations who like to contribute to the development in The Gambia
  • Together with different international organizations design and organize development-, learning- and experience journeys to The Gambia
  • To promote promising Gambian initiatives
  • To organize projects and internships for students
  • To organize voluntary work for people who like to share their profession


The organization of Kairoh Garden Foundation
The Foundation includes an executive board and a group of regional contact persons. The Foundation is divided in four  regions: west (Banjul-Serekunda-Brikama), central north (Kuntaur), central south (Brikama Ba) and east (Basse) Gambia. Each region has a contact person who is a citizen of that region.


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