Meet Africa! Winter offer 2019-2020

Meet Africa!

Winter offer 2019-2020:
Senegambia roundtrip in 15 days for € 1000

Are you really curious to discover West-Africa? Not by air-conditioned hotels and tourist entertainment? But with journeys and excursions which brings you to the normal daily African life, their different cultures, habits and traditions? Join us, meet Africa!

Meet Africa is a small network organization who is operating in Gambia and Senegal. We make special journeys and excursions which give you an inside look in West-Africa. We only travel in small groups with drivers and guides who like to share their knowledge and experience, who are never tired to give answers on your questions and who brings you to unexpected places.

You are sleeping in local African lodges which are situated in the mid of the African society. You are invited to eat on the African way in small restaurants, but also in family compounds.  We make picnic lunches when we are on the road and you can have plenty possibilities to make a stop where you want.

In the year 2019-2020 we organize in the period from the mid of November until the beginning of May a discovery roundtrip in 15 days. For € 1000 (price with a minumum of 6 persons in the group) you will visit the most interesting places in Senegal and Gambia. This is including:

  • Accommodation in African lodges
  • Breakfast, (picnic)lunch and dinner
  • Transport with our own Landrovers
  • Experienced driver and guide
  • Entrance fee for the excursions in the program


  • Ticket to Gambia
  • Drinks
  • Personal budget for tips and souvenirs

Contact information in The Gambia:
Kawsu Sillah               00 220 9933442

Day to day program Senegambia roundtrip in 15 days

Day 1: arriving in The Gambia
You will be picked up from the airport of Banjul to bring you in 30 minutes to the fisherman’s village Tanjeh (Tanji). Here you will stay in Kairoh Garden Guesthouse. Kairoh means peaceful and that is what you can expect from this African guesthouse in a large garden full of mango trees.

Day 2: Tanjeh
You will visit the Tanji Village Museum where you get in a nutshell an insight into the Gambian society. In the afternoon you will visit the colourful fishing site of Tanjeh, where you can see the offloading of the boats and the working of the fish smoking factories.

Day 3: To Fatala Park and Toubacouta
We will cross the river and travel to Toubacouta in Senegal. This village is a good base to discover Fatalah Park. Here you can enjoy the natural environment of the bush and get the chance to spot animals as zebras, rhinoceros, giraffes and monkeys. We will spend the night in Toubacouta.

Day 4: To Kaoulac and Tambacounda
This day we make a long trip in Senegal to reach Tambacounda where we will sleep.

Day 5 and 6: To Parc National de Niokolo-Koba
This is the largest park of Senegal with a rich and varied landscape that is the home to many species of wildlife. You will spend two days here so you have plenty time to enjoy the nature. We are going to make different safari trips to spot the wildlife.

Day 7: To Kedougou
This is the base for visit the Bassari people who are living in the surrounding hills We go to climb the mountain to visit them. You will sleep in a small lodge.

Day 8: To Dindefelo
On this day you can visit a spectacular waterfall. You will sleep in Dindefelo.

Day 9: To Wassadou
We travel to Wassadou and spend the night in Wassadou camp.

Day 10: To Basse Santa Su
In this traders cross point between Senegal, Gambia, Mali and Guinee, you can visit a cottonfactory. You have also the opportunity to visit a school and a women’s garden.

Day 11: To Kuntaur
You will travel by car to Lamin Koto, with a stop in Janjanbureh. From there we continue our travel to Kuntaur by boat for a boatsafari in The River Gambia Nature Reserve. Here you will stay at guesthouse Kairoh Garden Kuntaur on the bank of the Gambia river, surrounded by rice fields. When there is time and you still have energy, you can make a walk in the afternoon to the historic Stone Circles of Wassu.

Dag 12: To Tendaba
You are leaving Kuntaur and will drive to Farafenni where we will cross the river. You will continue on to Tendaba Camp where you can stay the night.

Day 13: To Tumani Tenda and Tanjeh
In the morning you can make a birdwatcher’s boattrip in Tendaba. We continu our journey to Tumani Tenda where we will take lunch. From there, we return back to Tanjeh where we start our roundtrip.

Day 14: Tanjeh
In the shadow of the mango trees you can take time to relax. Or you can go to the beach in Sanyang, the busy market in Serekunda or a walk in Abuko Nature Reserve.

Day 15: To home
We will bring you back to the airport for your flight home.

 Be part of it! Meet Africa! 

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